Sunday, 8 April 2018

Craven Manor

Review of Craven Manor by Darcy Coates

Daniel is looking for work and when someone slips a note under the door offering him the job of groundskeeper at Craven Manor, he initially thinks it's a joke.

But after satisfying himself the place is real Daniel accepts the position even though he knows something is not right about the house.

As the truth is slowly revealed Daniel is faced with a decision which could destroy him.

Craven Manor is not your ordinary run of the mill ghost story, and I really liked that fact.

Yes ghosts are involved, but you don't read about the shape-shifting variety everyday and that stood out for me.

Daniel is a character who I felt sorry for, but I was rooting for his survival when things got bad towards the end.

In his cousin Kyle, there was someone who certainly wasn't the person I believed he was when he was introduced at the beginning of the book.

Craven Manor seemed a real building as it was pictured so vividly throughout.

So if you like ghost stories that are different you can't go wrong with Craven Manor.

Five stars out of Five ***** 

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